Wizards of Mivon

The Pretrial

Friday, Oct 21, 2011 PM Skype Session

Galen came and told Brandon , Hugo, Petrus and Thok that they would be required to undergo a pretrial to remain in the academy as apprentices. The test consisted of three parts: a presentation and defense of their chosen school of magic or profession, a spell dual, and an answer proposing why Mivon is remaining neutral during the current war.

The first part of the test was for each person to present their school or profession and then defend it based on questions from each of the other students. Petrus presented and defended conjuration, Thok presented and defended divination, Brandon presented and defended necromancy, and Hugo presented and defended the bladesmen.

The second part of the test was a spell dual in which Hugo and Petrus were matched against Brandon and Thok. Brandon and Thok got the drop on the other team. Hugo, not having any significant magical ability was incapacitated within the first few seconds of the combat, while Petrus was sickened with some necromantic spell. Petrus managed to entangle Brandon with his own rope and put Thok to sleep. Brandon hit Petrus with another necromantic spell that made the conjurer frightened. After being hit with a rolling fire sphere, Petrus tried to hide in a mist while he summoned a riding dog. Just as the riding dog materialized, Petrus fell after being hit with the fire sphere a second time. The dog almost took Brandon out as he woke Thok up, but with a spell of false life, he managed to pull through.

The third part of the trial was trying to explain the current neutrality that Osprak has adhered to for the kingdom. There were no wrong answers; it was only supposition.

Ultimately, all of the students passed the pretrial and were allowed to remain as apprentices in their respective academies.



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