Wizards of Mivon

The precise number of Wizards in Mivon is unknown but thought to be somewhat over three hundred. Every imaginable type of mage can be found here: fierce fire mages and scholarly researchers, silver tongued enchanters and hollow-eyed necromancers. The good, the evil and the ambitious can all find a place here if they can prove their skill and loyalty to King Osprak.

The libraries, academies and laboratories of Mivon are the envy of foreign Wizards and are a repository of magical knowledge that is unequalled in the known world. By far the greatest part of the Wizards’ time is spent on their arcane researches and projects, whether within the safety of the kingdom or beyond its borders. Outside of Mivon they are treated with rather more consideration than ordinary spell casters; King Osprak is known to be a generous friend to those who help his Wizards and a ruthless enemy of those who harm them.

With these privileges come certain responsibilities. Like any other king, Osprak expects his subjects to contribute their services to the kingdom whether in war or civil matters. All new researches must be submitted to the Royal Academy so that they may be shared. Furthermore each Wizard is required to stand ready to defend the land against its enemies and to have means to do so. Whereas a knight must provide a horse, armour and a retinue, the Wizards of Mivon are expected to have wands and scrolls and bound creatures ready to do battle for their king.

Unsurprisingly there are many who seek to join the Wizards of Mivon, but only a few who succeed. To become a Wizard one must first serve as an apprentice to an experienced Wizard. The first few years are hard and involve much menial labour and instruction in little more than a few cantrips. Those who persevere may be recommended to the Royal Academy by their master and become Royal Apprentices. Their magical training then begins in earnest and they are given a wide variety of tasks to test their ingenuity, resourcefulness and loyalty. These tasks frequently take them beyond the borders of the kingdom and into great danger. Many fail to return but those that do are rewarded with greater knowledge of mage-craft and magical artefacts from the kingdom’s vaults.

When the masters of the Academy are sufficiently impressed with an apprentice they will put him or her forward for the Trials. There is no set format for the Trials and they may be as long or short as King Osprakdecides, for it is the King himself who decides the nature and the outcome of the Trials. It is said that during the Trials Osprak looks into the heart of an apprentice and finds him worthy or not. Those who satisfy him are awarded the title of Wizard and the silver tower medallion which is their badge of office and; those who fail often die or never recover from the ordeal, going blind, insane or both. Even amongst those who pass, few ever speak about the nature of their Trials.

See also Bladesmen the elite warriors and companions of the wizards.

Wizards of Mivon

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