Mivon lies in a region known as the Stolen lands to the north of Syrak.

Ten years ago Mivon was a weak city state governed by a bickering city council and threatened by its larger neighbours. It was to the surprise of everyone when at the summer equinox a long shadow fell across the capital of Hollyburg and a floating tower glided in from the lake and settled above the city.

Before panic could ensue, Wizards stepped through magical portals and into every crowded place in the city. They announced that a new era had begun and that Mivon was about to enter a golden age. As the inhabitants gathered into the marketplace Osprak himself flew down from the tower on the back of a griffon. Hovering above the throng he named himself King and protector of Mivon. Within a month the new ruler had won over his subjects through his wisdom and generosity, and he is without doubt the most popular ruler in the Stolen Lands.

His original Wizards numbered around a hundred and were known as the Academy of Mages. Over the last decade their numbers have tripled and the Royal Academy is the greatest repository of arcane lore in the known world.


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