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It is a time of darkness. War rages as the forces of the Witch King rampage across the Elven steppes and through the hill cities of the Dwarves. His mortal armies are joined by legions of the restless dead whose numbers swell with each victory. In the south many smaller cities and kingdoms have fallen under his dark rule and the priests of his dark god strut through the streets, seeking innocents to sacrifice.

Yet hope remains. The knights of Syrak are marshalling their forces under the banner of the sun god, Sol Helios. In Dardano men and Gnomes are building ships of war, and bands of Orc warriors are leaving their frozen wastes to test their mettle against the forces of evil. The Elven tribes are numerous and warlike and Dwarves are hardy beyond all others. Lesser kingdoms too are sending men and supplies to aid the war against the Witch King, knowing that his war of conquest is a threat to all.

One kingdom remains neutral amidst the turmoil, destroying agents of the Witch King that trespass on its lands, but sending no aid to the war: the Wizard Kingdom of Mivon, ruled by Archmage Osprak from his floating tower. His golems remain guarding the city gates and his soldiers patrol the kingdom’s borders under the watchful eyes of their griffon cavalry. The Wizards of Mivon go about their business seemly oblivious to the war.

Or do they?

Main Page

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