Dwarves are an ancient race who live in the hills of Erda. Long ago they perfected the art of city building and their capital, Hill City, is one of the wonders of the world. Its gardens are said to be places of exquisite beauty and its weavers produced the finest cloth. They are naturally curious and their merchants travel far and wide across the lands. They also produce excellent trackers and rangers, who work with a network of watch towers to warn of impending raids by elves or undead.

However, Dwarves are also famed as warriors. The first blow of the Witch Kings war was struck at Kaldon’s Folly. Taken by surprise the dwarves fought valiantly but were overwhelmed and the strongholds arsenal was looted to arm the dark hordes. Other settlements have fallen but many still remain and Hill City’s walls are impenetrable. Dwarven rangers and ambush and destroy enemy scouts that come too close and their wizards and clerics maintain a vigilant watch against dark magics.

Dwarves revere Tor the God of Storms above all others. He is an unpredictable deity, prone to violent outbursts but he is also the patron of oaths and honour. To break an oath made in Tor’s name is considered extremely unlucky by all races, not only Dwarves. Not surprisingly Dwarves view honour and oaths as extremely important and follow their ancestral traditions with great reverence. A typical Dwarf is Lawful Neutral.

They believe that when they die they will descend the Great Stairway and join Tor in his hall below the hills. There they expect to feast, craft things and fight in periodic battles – much as in their life times but with less drudgery!

The Dwarves have a long standing alliance and mutually profitable trade routes with Syrak. They despise Elves as raiders and bandits with no culture, since the Elves frequently raid dwarven caravans on the borders of the steppes. Each race is master of its own terrain however, and the dwarves could no more catch an elven tribe than the elves could capture a dwarven town.

The Dwarves have established good relations with Mivon and there is a lively trade. They regard Osprak as a friend albeit one whom they do not yet know well. Of course Dwarves take a long term view of things and ten years is a short time to them given that many of them reach an age of 170.


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