Wizards of Mivon

A Traitor Amongst Us?
Friday, Sep 30, 2011 PM Skype Session

Master Galen called in Petrus, a wizard apprentice, Alsa, a cleric initiate, and Hugo, a roguish stage magician, and requested they discretely check into the current activities of another of the Academy’s students, Karissa, an necromancer apprentice a couple years older than Petrus. From reports by one of the elder librarians, Karissa was spending too much time studying the defenses of Mivon, namely the griffons, golems, and guards, instead of doing her normal classwork, and it was feared she was possibly doing something illegal.

Hugo chatted up Molly, the maid Karissa employed, to try to determine whether or not her mistress was at home; (she was). Petrus asked the maid to deliver a message to Karissa, asking her to come to the library at 9pm; he had some questions for her. Alsa arrived at the townhouse where Karissa lived and was greeted by her butler. Alsa tried to bluff his way into the house, under the guise of a building inspector who was wanting to check the building just prior to Hugo purchasing it. The butler didn’t fall for the bluff and turned the “building inspector” away after he couldn’t produce any credentials.

Petrus spent the rest of the day studying necromancy (one of his opposed schools) so he could come up with some appropriate questions. At 9pm Karissa showed up at the library and willingly helped Petrus until he sufficiently offended her by his condescending attitude about the ease of which necromancy could be mastered; after about 30 minutes of this attitude she stormed out of the library while Petrus sat and tried to figure out exactly why she stormed out.

Meanwhile, Alsa and Hugo visited Karissa’s residence and thought about breaking in but couldn’t decide the best way to disable the lock. In lieu of disabling the lock, Hugo knocked on Molly’s window and was admitted into her room for an evening of intimate activities. Once Molly fell asleep (aprox 2 hours later), Hugo snuck out and unlocked the door for Alsa to come in and help him search Karissa’s private rooms for anything that could help enlighten them about what she was up to. Hugo, having accidentally woken up Molly, had to return to her room and resume his nocturnal activities. Fortunately while Hugo was busy, Alsa found a note telling Karissa to meet at the Drunken Unicorn, a well-known and popular haunt of many of the students in the city, at midnight.

While Alsa and Hugo were so engaged, Petrus traveled to the Drunken Unicorn and found Karissa there along with a lot of the other students from the various academies and schools there listening to a storyteller named Yiri, a bard from Ustalav, an icy kingdom to the East of the Elven Steppes. Petrus drank water and realized that while most of the students were under the spell of the storyteller, he and Karissa were not; she looked bored and a bit restless.

At a few minutes to midnight, Alsa and Hugo came in to the Drunken Unicorn and told Petrus what they found. It was discovered that the Ustalavian bard, Yiri, was the person that Karissa was supposed to meet. When the bard was finished most all of the students left. The three investigators watched Yiri and Karissa shake hands for a full 10 seconds while she seemed to complement him on his performance. Hugo also went and spoke to Yiri and was invited to the inn where he was staying for drinks the next day.

Hugo, deciding that he’d try to gently interrogate Yiri, went to one of the students in the alchemy department and got a potion of four doses that was supposed to loosen Yiri’s lips and eventually make him sleepy. A single dose was all that was needed to accomplish what Hugo wanted.

While Hugo met with Yiri, who poured vodka from a bottle for he and Hugo the entire time, Petrus snuck into Yiri’s room and searched it; Petrus found nothing of note. Alsa, during this time, was keeping Karissa busy at the library by asking her to forgive Petrus for his behavior the night before, and he told her that Petrus actually had romantic interests in her. Afterward, Alsa met at the inn just as Petrus was returning downstairs. They found Hugo extremely drunk and badly in need of going back to his room. The two decided to relieve Hugo of the conversation and sat down with Yiri, after being given Hugo’s potion.

Petrus showed the potion to Yiri and told him it was a special type of alcohol specific to the region. Yiri took the bottle and downed the whole thing, all four doses, in a single gulp. After, he was quite talkative and growing sleepier by the second. Petrus and Alsa managed to get from him that he was a spy for the Witch King and was getting his information about the kingdom’s defenses from Karissa. Not long after giving this information, he passed out.

One of the inn’s employees told about the bottle of vodka that never ran out that Yiri was using; Petrus took it and added it to his own items. Also on Yiri’s person was a minor bag of holding, which contained all of the defensive information about Mivon that Karissa had given him; in addition to that, it had the defensive information of Syrak, the kingdom to the South of Mivon across Lake Candelmere.

Petrus and Alsa took the passed-out bard up to his room and tied him up and gagged him. Afterward, they took this information to Galen. Galen allowed Alsa to keep the bag of holding and said that he’d deal with the spy. He thanked the students and sent them away to have a good evening. Karissa’s fate was left to be decided at a later time.

The next morning Yiri left town, apparently without memory of the last several months.


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