Travellers clothes of comfort

These fine clothes carry with them useful enchancements besides good looks


superior quality travelling clothes – 50gp

Resist energy enchancement – provides resistance 10 against an energy type
command word = spell level X caster level X 1800
2 × 3 × 1800 = 10800
charges per day = Divide by (5 divided by charges per day)
10800 / (5 / 1) = 2160

Endure elements
Continual = spell level X caster level X 2000
1 × 1 × 2000 = 2000
half cost since duration is 24 hours.
2000 / 2 = 1000
multiple ability = lesser item power x 1.5
1000 × 1.5 = 1500

Total cost = 3710
Total cost to make = 1855


Having teleporting problems? Finding yourself in strange places you haven’t prepared for? Accidently preparing your cold weather gear and finding yourself in the desert?

Worry no more, Brandon Sabriel has developed this wonderous item to meet your needs. These fine clothes are the envy of any explorer and have been prepared with the unknown in mind. These clothes gift the bearer all the benefits of the Endure Elements spell as long as they are worn, helping protect you from the worst environments out there.

But there’s more! Ever find yourself in the frozen wastes with a white dragon chasing you down, or perhaps you’ve accidently annoyed a guardian fire elemental? Just speak the command word and enjoy half an hour of resistance against an energy type of your choice, always helpful to get you the extra edge you need when you need it.

Aura: Faint Abjuration
Item slot: Body
Effect: The wearer gains the benefits of the Endure Elenents spell whilst wearing the clothes. Once a day the wearer may speak the command word and gain the benefits of a Resist Energy spell for 30 minutes.

Edited by gabrias for clarity. :-)

Travellers clothes of comfort

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