Apprentice Bladesman


Human Fighter 2
Combat Style: Favours a sword, shield and heavy armour but is a versatile warrior.


Valerius was born and bred in the Hollyburg and knows the lands of Mivon better than most. At 31 he is older than most aspiring Bladesmen, however his skill at arms is undisputed and he has a wisdom that many lack. His twenties were spent in the Mivonian army chasing down bandits and fighting off monsters that were too dangerous for peasants but not worthy of the attentions of the Wizards. When the war with Witch King started Valerius put himself forward to join the Company of the Blade in the belief that he would be better able to defend his country in this way. When his duties as a Bladesman do not require his presence Valerius is normally found with his wife and two children.


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