Teska - Deceased

Daughter of Zoyenka


Teska is the adopted daughter of Zoyenka, the ruler of Novgorod. She is impetuous but quite popular with her people.

At the tender age of 15 she claims she defeated a Frost Giant single-handedly while protecting a Wizard of Mivon and his Bladesman. The truth, of course, is quite different, as she could barely cast spells and was inept with a blade.

After meetings with Janus, Teska either learnt blood magic or had his help in her nefarious scheme to grab power. By trapping the queen in a specially designed ritual circle she began draining the queen’s life and powers into herself; however, due to the meddling wizards of Mivon the queen was freed from this horrible fate and punished Teska with fiery death for her attempted assassination.


Teska - Deceased

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