Tarsus Wind Rider (Deceased)

Student Magus


With golden hair, piercing green eyes and the classic, slender features of an Elf. Tarsus stand at 6’1" in his plain and unassuming leather britches and jerkin. Only the long, elegantly curved sword hanging at his waist suggests he is anything other than an ordinary civilian going about his daily business.


Tarsus was born into the Wind Rider tribe, a sizable elven community who’s ancient territory overlapped the political boundaries of Mivon. He was the son of the tribes blacksmith and, like his father before him, learned to ride as soon as he could walk and to use sword and bow as soon as he could lift them.

The tribe had a treaty with the government of Mivon. The tribe could keep its traditional territory as they saw fit as long as they refrained from attacking anyone using the Mivon built roads, warned of any threat approaching Mivon and sent any child who exhibited magical talent to the Mage’s Guild for formal training.

When he was 15, Tarsus’s powers manifested themselves, accidentally burning the boy he was sparring with. He was packed of to the mages guild in short order where he learned to control and harness his powers. Tarsus was never truly interested in magic though. He would spend all his free time watching the Bladesmen practice in the training yards and attempting to replicate what he saw with the sword his father had made for him when he left home.
At first the warriors laughed at the idea of a warrior mage but Tarsus demonstrated talent and skill (for an amateur) and so in time, he was invited to join the training sessions.

Not all the bladesmen were happy with this arrangement. One blademaster in particular, Karris Vaccerion, an elven warrior, was adamant that a mere mage could never be taught the fine art of swordsmanship. Even after Tarsus defeated three of Karris’s favoured students in single combat. Karris’s opinion was overruled by his peers however, and Tarsus became a common sight on the training grounds, working at forms or sparring with the novice bladesmen.

Tarsus’s tutors despaired of teaching the boy anything. His head was always on the training field and while he possessed considerable talent and power, he was uninterested in learning to harness it for anything other than the advancement of his training as a swordsman.
Eventually, the teachers gave up the fight as not worth the trouble and allowed the boy to work with the bladesmen full time.

Tarsus’s skill rapidly increased and as it did a curious thin happened. He began to learn to harness his powers through his sword to increase his fighting ability. When this was revealed to the mages, Tarsus was send straight back into training, this time with a rather strange timetable of sword practice and learning combat magic usually reserved for the older and wiser students. He was carefully watched of course, and his powers were studied so they could be replicated in future students.

Tarsus is just recently graduated from the mass of hopeful novices into the ranks of the mages. He still looks on the insignia of the bladesmen with a degree of envy but he knows that with his magical powers to aid his sword arm he will eventually be a match for any blademaster who ever lived.

Many of the mages in the guild are worried by the increasingly warlike climate of Mivon. They are concerned that the war with the witch king will spill over their borders and engulf Mivon as it has Syrak, Ersat and a host of other cities. Tarsus remains unconcerned by this. For most people wars are times of terror and death. For the few with the skill to survive and prosper on the battlefield they are times of great opportunity.

Tarsus Wind Rider (Deceased)

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