Petrus Venenarius Magnus

Young human male, aprox 5'9", 175 lbs.


Life before the campaign:

Petrus is a young, willowy man with a penchant for putting his foot in his mouth at the wrong moment and usually not recognizing he’s done it. It’s not that he’s not smart; he just doesn’t relate well with most people, and as a result has few friends.

His parents, Pallitus and Persephone, are both well-to-do merchants who were glad to see Osprak name himself King and stop all of the infighting in Mivon for the right to rule; it’s saved them a fortune so far, and as long as the status quo stays as it is, they’re happy for him to keep the peace. They’ve always been a bit too busy to be terribly interested in Petrus’s life, having him taken care of by various nannys and school mistresses and masters. They are more or less clueless as to their only child’s current life and dreams and aspirations for the future. It seems to Petrus that the only reason for his being born was because it was fashionable among the elite of the city at the time for rich people to have a child.

His uncle, also named Petrus, is a wizard of some renown and quite unlike his sister, who married into one of the wealthy, elite merchant families. As a boy the younger Petrus would play in his uncle’s lab at every opportunity and has always been fascinated with magic; his uncle merely cleaned up the mess and continued to encourage the boy’s inquisitive nature and to do what he could to feed the growing intellect he saw. In many ways, Petrus the elder has always been the primary role model for the younger; it’s no wonder that Petrus the younger has always strived to impress his uncle.

In recent months Petrus’s uncle went away on a journey to the west, seeking knowledge of some sort (though he didn’t specifically say what), and hasn’t been heard from since. While not terribly unusual to not hear of a relative traveling, especially when his parents do it, the younger Petrus misses the elder greatly.

So far, the war in the South hasn’t caused much concern for young Petrus, since it hasn’t interrupted his studies in any significant way; if only the same could be said about his classmates. In school, Petrus has been bullied mostly by Strom Redguard, a stocky young man who probably would be better served joining the county militia than sitting through lectures on the eating and mating habits of griffons. If young Strom would go off to war (and die there), so much the better, as far as Petrus is concerned. Strom, of course, is tall and muscular and by all accounts seems to be the leader of the group of three or four guys that bully the few weakest students at the academy.

While his uncle is away, Petrus spends most of his time, outside the classroom, at the library. The head librarian, an elderly gentleman named Nicklaus Swinton, is quite friendly to young Petrus and according to his uncle has been a family friend for over half a century. Nicklaus often allows young Petrus to stay in the library studying well past closing time, and it’s not been uncommon for the old man to loan special texts to him for short amounts of time.

Ultimately what Petrus wants to do is to become a great wizard like his uncle and make his uncle proud. He wants to be worthy of his family name and to have it exalted above being mere merchants or wealthy elite; he wants to be powerful (and perhaps feared a bit by those who would push around those who appear weak or unable to care for themselves).


[from A Traitor Amongst Us?]
- Asked by Galen to uncover the doings of Karissa, a local necromancer apprentice
- Discovered his disdain for necromancy and necromancers (thinks the field and anything related to it is below him and not worth his time)
- Uncovered a spy from the Witch King who was trying to get information regarding the defenses of Mivon

[from Pardon, Prison, or Perish?]
- Asked by Galen to decide the fate of Karissa
- Learned that Karissa’s family is tainted by vampire blood
- Sentenced Karissa to banishment to the plane of Elysium

Petrus Venenarius Magnus

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