Petroclus Goldenclaw

Dragonborn Sorcerer


Petroclus is a tall, slender half-elf with raven black hair and strong, Patrician features. Because of the closeness of his relationship to his dragonsire, his skin has a gold tinge and slight scaly texture and his eyes glow, a deep emerald green.

Petroclus typically garbs himself in close-fitting black and gold armour with a greatsword slung across his back.


Petroclus was born to one of Mivons wealthiest families and began to exibit magical tendancies early in life.
His parents tried to encourage him to study further but he was an active child, more interested in riding, hunting and other physical pass-times than in being shut up in a library and his progress in the magical arts was slow.
In his twelfth year, his draconic heritage began to manifest itself in both his powers and his physical appearance. When his heritage became undeniable, his father took him on a trip out of the city towards the mountains where he was introduced to the families secret benefactor and source of their wealth.

Dunkelzarken is a gold dragon. One of the most ancient and powerful of his kind and also one of the most active in the affairs of the world. Most dragons live on the fringes, minding their own business and caring little for the activities of the lesser races. Dunkelzarken is different. he has amused himself through the long centuries by meddling in the affairs of the nations of men, elves and dwarfs. he does this be careful placement of offspring carrying his bloodline in positions where they may rise to power and ensures their loyalty with a web of oathes, geas’s and contracts spun around them and their families.
Petroclus is one such progeny and, due to his proximity to Dunkelzarken in the family tree, the one with the greatest potential. Accordingly, Dunkelzarken tutored him personally, teaching him magic, ancient lore and, most importantly, how to play the great game and how to win.

Once he was old enough, Petroclus left his grandfather and enrolled in the Mivon mages guild as an apprentice with a directive from his grandfather to work hard, rise fast and position himself to see that ‘events unfold as they should’

Petroclus is particularly warlike for a mage. he is an outspoken but vocal advocate of open war with the witch king and devotes himself to the study of battle magic along with regular sword drills with the bladesmen for when spells are no longer an option.
Unusually for a mage, Petroclus has trained long and hard to master the casting of spells whilst armed and armoured and, on his graduation to full apprentice, was gifted by his family with a finely rought set of mithril chainmail and a greatsword forged by a master swordsmith.

Petroclus Goldenclaw

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