A powerful Wizard and renegade from the Order


JanusRather than doing a write up for Janus I thought it would be more useful to give you a list of what the characters know about him. It isn’t exhaustive but it gives you a starting point. Feel free to add to it!

  • He is old and usually wears red robes.
  • He uses Blood Magic to enhance his power.
  • On first meeting he was immune to low level magic.
  • He takes apprentices but is not above sacrificing them.
  • He is interested in the ancient Kings of Mivon and has acquired the staff of Ivonis that was their symbol and one of their sources of power.
  • He has raided two temples of Isis and looted the vaults.
  • He seems to have influence over Teska of Novgorod and has possibly taught her Blood Magic.
  • He had a well known Ustalavan mercenary working for him who was recruiting him a private warband.
  • He was thrown out of the order of wizards by Osprak some decades ago. Whilst the details are hazy it has been mentioned that this was a surprisingly mild punishment.
  • Osprak has publicly announced that Janus must now be dealt with once and for all.
  • He seems to have a low opinion of the wizards of your order in general and of Galen in particular.


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