Apprentice Bladesman


Elf Barbarian 2
Combat Style: Long Spear and shield. Quick reflexes make it dangerous to get close to Dalyna.

(Oops, shield was a reference from an earlier version. Ed)


Dalyna grew up in the Wolf’s Head tribe and spent her youth travelling across the steppes. She left her tribe after a disagreement became violent and knives were drawn. No one was killed but the Chieftain exiled her from the tribe. Those who know anything of Elves suspect there was more to the matter than a simple brawl, but few are willing to question her more closely. For an Elf to be exiled is a serious matter as their tribe is their family, friends and livelihood all rolled into one.

Now in her early thirties, which is still young adulthood for an Elf, Dalyna has learned to focus her anger in battle and use it to make her stronger. A chance encounter with Karris Vacerion led her to join the Company of the Blade, and she has clearly found a place where she feels at home and that is like a new tribe for her. Sorcerers are common amongst elves and magic holds no fear for them, whilst the Bladesmen are such a varied group that a renegade Elven warrior is, in fact, unremarkable.

When not on duty Dalyna can often be found near the lake; such an expanse of water does not exist on the steppes and is a continuing source of fascination to the young Elf.


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