Brandon Sabriel


Standing at 5ft11 and extremely thin with brown hair and brown eyes is Brandon, Mivon born and bred he comes from a quiet clan with bases in Hollyburg and throughout mivon.
While being suprisingly wealthy and owning a wondrous estate in the city, it often lies empty, Brandons family often travel throughout Mivon and surrounding terroritories, the longest he had ever stayed in the city was when he began his apprentiship, though the grumpy master Beckett uses him more as a errand runner than ever teaching him any magic.
His life up until that point as he explains it has been quite unremarkable, more often than not he tells of being a simple delivery boy in his youth, transporting packages for his clan to the various other great families and clans near and far. He speaks fondly of their hospitality and the days he has spent as a guest amongst dwarves, gnomes and halfings, frequently cursing low ceilings as his greatest enemy.
He more rarely speaks of the occasional misadventure he has had while travelling with his parents; both mivon trained wizards of no small renown with a penchant for finding the strange and stranger, sad to say few people ever believe these tales.

Now despite being apprenticed to Master Beckett, Brandon spends more time studying in his own library at his families estate than in any lessons with the old wizard, an arrangement Master Beckett approves of, dispite this when it actually does come down to lessons between the two, Beckett is an amazing teacher, which is to be expected of one who was a head professor of mivons university for many years before retiring to a less work intensive atmosphere.

Like his father and his father before him in an unbroken line dating back to founding of the Sabriel clan, Brandon is a necromancer. His clan has spawned many a Wizard of great renown but not without some of great infamy, (though only in the branch families and not the main line), while there are many outside Mivon who would look down on such a clan there are just as many who don’t, that know a bit about their history, the clans markings are 7 bells and often friends of the clan recieve a package of an enchanted bell that wards against the undead as a token of good faith, Brandon has been delivering these bells for quite a large portion of his life, King Osprak himself is one of the few, perhaps only people outside the clan to have a full set of the 7 which were gifted to him many years ago when he first arrived in his floating tower.
Like his father and his father before him, Brandon has great ambition to follow in the footsteps of his ancestors, to master his art and become a wizard of great renown, known and welcome where ever he might tread.

Opinions on the witch kings war

Like most of his clan Brandon is a bit restless over the war, and much of the clan has been annoyed by mivons attempt to remain neutral when they should adding their own might to the other kingdoms and repel this threat, more people will die needlessly if Mivon does not get involved. >any of the clan also know that they possess many skills and items that would be extremely useful in the war but are bound to Mivons neutrality.
Sooner or later the clan expects the get involved against the witch kings forces, they doubt that mivon will simply be ignored by him and his armies. and even then some clan members might go a ‘travelling’ before then.

Due to a spell mishap which occured when Brandon attempted to create a pearl of power, Brandons eyes are now completely Jet black and he has an inverted sense of light, with light actually appearing dark to him and darkness appearing as light.

More Recent
Brandon died tragically in the events of dark hearts. Fortunately as a reward for his
great loyalty, King Osprak organised Brandon being raised from the dead.

Brandon Sabriel

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