Alsa Heem

Short even for a dwarf, Alsa has a direct attitude and thinks he understands humans - or even other people in general - much more than he really does.


Having been inducted into the Church of Magic from a young age, Alsa has been almost enraptured with the Mysteries of Isis, as much so as he parents were in trade. He has no arcane spark of his own but his devout faith in Isis and the Ways of Magic empower him, even though he has yet to journey far into the Mysteries.

Alsa is outgoing and friendly, much more so than many of his dwarven brethren, but has a habit of jumping to the wrong conclusions about social situations and relationships between people. He also has an unfortunate inability to realize or accept – one of the two – that not all societies function in the same way to that of the Dwarfs. From trade to war to courting, Alsa will look at any situation as if it only contained Dwarfs and the people involved would react according to the ways prescribed by Dwarf society.

An example of one of these socio-cultural misconceptions he holds is that of courting and inter-personal romantic relationships; in Dwarven culture, a woman who has an interest in a man is to neglect and ignore his attention and affection and the man in turn must struggle against this obstacle to prove through his perseverance and determination that he is Dwarf enough to have her hand in marriage. Conversely, a Dwarf woman who showers a man with praise and flirtatious attention, publicly welcoming his suit, is in fact shaming the Dwarf man in question. Obviously this is a very Dwarf-centric phenomena and the reverse is true in nearly every other known race – a fact Alsa does not yet appreciate. He will reliably encourage a non-Dwarven friend to pursue a woman who is clearly not interested, and will equally ward them away from women who seem to show any interest in them at all. This misconception has led him to believe his friend Hugo De Monteford is in dire need of advice concerning women and even pities him for what he views as desperate attempts at courtship while thinking that Petrus, another of his companions, is a wild stallion whom the ladies find nigh-on irresistable.

This behaviour has driven many of the higher clergy to despair that Alsa will ever uncover the deeper Mysteries, as if he cannot understand that which is obvious he has little hope of comprehending that which is hidden on the Path, but they hold out hope that eventually he may be gifted with an epiphany to light his way to understanding.

Alsa Heem

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