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Friday, Dec 16, 2011 PM Skype Session

Not long after Brandon Sabriel, Petroclus Goldenclaw, and Petrus Venenarius Magnus had each completed their trials to become full members of Osprak’s Wizards, Morion invited the three to tea at his home. The primary reason for Morion’s invitation was to encourage them to side with those that were in favor of remaining neutral in the war with the Witch King during the next council meeting, which was to occur in three-days’ time. Morion promised aid to those who were willing to publicly stand with him and those that were trying to keep Mivon out of the war. Petroclus and Brandon neither agreed nor disagreed with Morion’s stance while sharing tea with him. Petrus agreed that neutrality was the best thing for Mivon and the wizards.

After leaving Morion’s home, Petroclus and Brandon met together, conspiring how to get the kingdom to enter the war against the witch king. They decided that they needed to meet with Movak the lich, described as a voice of reason for the wizards’ council. The two wanted to convince Movak to join the side that supported going to war, and they wanted to provide incentives for any who would be willing to join them.

In the mean time, Petrus had come up with an idea that would allow his family to become much richer, which in turn would aid him in his pursuit of magic. His idea was to ally the house Venenari with house Cornelli and to sell war materials to those opposed to the Witch King. The materials were from the mundane to the magical in nature, providing everything an army needed but didn’t have time or resources to produce for themselves in a time of war. He proposed the idea to his father, who said that despite the longstanding rivalry with house Cornelli, he’d think about it; afterward he and Karissa proposed it to her family, with much the same response.

The day before the council meeting, Gregori, a Frost Giant wizard from the region of Ustalav, requested a meeting with Petrus. After telling Petrus that he’d heard good things about him from his uncle and some in Ustalav, he inquired about the nature of the council meeting the next day. Petrus tells him one of the main topics will regard the war that Syrak, the elves and dwarves are in with the Witch King. Gregori said that he wasn’t too concerned about such things, but he was more concerned with the humans in Ustalav who’d taken giant lands. Petrus agreed with Gregori about the need to be concerned with Ustalavian humans and told him of Janus’s residence there and suggested that if Janus were there, it was in no way a favorable thing to the giants; most likely it would mean the humans taking even more of the giant lands.

The following day, the Council of Wizards met on a demi-plane that was similar in structure to an amphitheater or gladiatorial arena. The number of wizards in attendance was under two hundred, and not every wizard from Hollyburg was present; there were a number of wizards from outside of Mivon who were counted among Osprak’s Wizards in attendance, some of races rarely seen in the human lands.

Danak, Osprak’s bladesworn, struck a gong and called the meeting to order. He was obviously the mediator for the meeting. Osprak sat behind him on a throne and listened to all that was said. Danak recognized Gabriel Syrakson, who spoke on the reasons Mivon should join with Syrak in the war against the Witch King. A number of others who held the same position each spoke in turn; Lemina, a battle wizard who specialized in using the element of fire, spoke out that it was Mivon’s responsibility and duty as powerful people to oppose evil and protect the weak. Both Petroclus and Brandon also stand and make speeches in support of the war effort.

After some time, Danak allows those opposed to the war to offer their opinions. Among them were Kanaga-Thorn, a dragonborn wizard, Morion, and Petrus. A few of the arguments focused on the fact that the Witch King had only been a problem for a few years, which in the lives of wizards was relatively insignificant.

Petrus suggested that while the Witch King was certainly a threat to those around him, that he wasn’t as big a threat as Janus was, because while the Witch King desired to take over land and spread his undead, he’d in no way threatened Mivon directly. Janus, on the other hand had openly opposed Osprak and the other wizards who followed him and was actively seeking to destroy them. He also suggested that it might be possible to aid in those opposed to the Witch King, without openly allying with Syrak, by selling weapons and magic items to them; it would be helpful, but provide gold for research and other enterprises the wizards wanted to pursue.

Gregori stood and formally proposed a direct confrontation with Janus. Citing many of the same arguments Petrus had used, the Frost Giant wanted it on record that the blood mage needed to be dealt with.

Next to speak was Petroclus, who proposed the creation of a new order of martial and magical warriors, sorcerers with dragon blood. Being of dragon descent himself, he felt this group was needed as a defense against the enemies of Mivon. Some suggested that the group be opened to anyone of qualified skill, not just dragon-blooded, while others, such as Petrus, opposed the creation of the group at all, citing the lack of focus such warriors would have, being neither the best warriors nor the best magic users; Karris Vaccerion, a bladesman, agreed with Petrus and said that the two disciplines should remain separate.

Finally, Movak the lich spoke. He opposed Mivon joining the war against the Witch King, but said that Janus must be dealt with once and for all. He also agreed that creating a new order of arcane warriors was something that should be explored, but that the number should be limited to twenty members. Having given his counsel, Movak sat and Danak recessed the meeting for an hour.

When the hour was up, Osprak addressed the wizards in the council. His decisions were as follows:

  1. Mivon was to remain neutral in the war against the Witch King
  2. Any wizards who wished to do so were allowed to sell magic weapons, equipment, or any other item as long as it was approved by Magda Goldenbrow; anyone selling magic items in violation of approval was answerable to Osprak himself
  3. Janus was decidedly a threat that would be dealt with for his crimes against citizens of Mivon, the king and his order, and Isis
  4. The Order of the Dragon Guard was to be created; Petroclus was given permission to create the order and Movak was to oversee it; the group was limited to twenty members of any type (initiate through full member) and after a period of ten years the order was to be evaluated and at that time it’d be determined whether or not it would remain a part of Mivon’s defenses

With Osprak’s pronouncement, the meeting was adjourned and the members returned from whence they came. Petrus returned to Hollyburg and began to make plans for wooing Karissa and joining his family’s house with her family’s.


Another fine write up. This a session that I’m particularly glad to see in written form as there were some important decisions. Thank you!

Wizards' Council

really nice write up, good job!

Wizards' Council

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