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Field of honour1

Gabby and Petrus had just left the trial of the traitors to Mivon. Exiting the building where the trial had taken place Gabriel Syrakson the wizard and his Blade Sworn, Ravnek, invited the two to talk. As they walked along, Gabriel suggested that the two strongly consider how they’d advise Osprak if he were to ask them about the war with the Witch King. It was well known that Gabriel favored the war.


A couple days later both Petrus and Gabby were summoned to Galen’s study at dusk. Upon arriving they found Osprak at their teacher’s desk, but Galen was nowhere to be found.

Osprak instructed the two that they were to travel to the plane of Valhalla to bring back Karissa Cornelia to Hollyburg. Apparently she’d made her way from Elysium to Valhalla and according to Osprak and Galen she’ll have a definite role in upcoming war with the Witch King. In some strands of the future, she allied herself with the Witch King and in other strands of the future she was allied with Mivon. The two are given until dawn to prepare themselves for the trip.

At dawn Galen sent Petrus and Gabby to a stone circle on the plane of Valhalla. When they arrived, all was not as expected. The battle had been huge, but the soldiers hadn’t risen at dusk to feast as was the custom. A sound alerted them to a survivor nearby.
A quick search revealed a large warrior with a missing arm and leg and a sword impaling him. The two found out that the dead no longer rose since the Lady of the Dead had come. The warrior’s name was Olaf. Petrus gave Olaf a cure potion that revived him enough for him to take them to a well that was supposed to restore the warriors; Olaf agreed to help Petrus and Gabby remove the lady of dead from the realm of Valhalla.

After evading several undead, the trio made it to the simple rune inscribed well where Olaf drank from it deeply; the runes on the well were inscriptions of Tor and for rebirth. Upon finishing his drink a bright light shone from Olaf’s wounds and when it dissipated it revealed that he was made whole again.

While Olaf was drinking Gabby noticed movement in the nearby forest. Asking Olaf who he thought was there, the warrior said that it was likely other chosen heroes of the plane. Petrus filled two water skins with water from the well and the trio headed into the wood to meet the other warriors there.

The warriors in the wood took Olaf, Petrus and Gabby to their chieftan’s hall. Their chiefton, Siguard, told them that the magic of Tor was somehow cut off from the plane, that the god himself was somehow being prevented from interacting with his own realm.

Petrus recalled some of the things he’d studied regarding religion and magic and realized that there was probably a strong artifact from another god’s realm somewhere on this one, most likely in the same place with the lady of the dead. He told the assembly this information and afterward Gabby suggested a plan of attack that was not the standard resident of Valhalla’s mode of action.

Siguard, seeing that what they’d tried as standard practice hadn’t worked, time and time again, agreed that they’d try Gabby’s plan, which was essentially using the bulk of the warriors to clear the majority of the undead enemy away from the castle the lady of the dead was living in while a small contingent infiltrated the castle and brought down the lady’s rule. Olaf and a dozen other warriors were charged with helping Petrus and Gabby get into the castle.

The castle was made completely of bone and standing in front of it were legions of undead. Siguard and his 1000 warriors were outnumbered nearly five to one, but still they taunted the hordes before them. Soon the entire army of undead marched on Siguard’s position, giving Olaf and his men (along with Petrus and Gabby) time to move toward the gate. Gabby slipped off as they neared the gate and found a way over the wall and the release mechanism for the gate, which crushed four skeletons when it fell with a crash.

The group fought their way past the almost negligible defenses of the castle’s interior. Seven warriors, Olaf, Gabby and Petrus made it through the first hall. Upon climbing the stairs, three of the warriors were swallowed by the staircase, which was some type of trap; the rest of the group made it to the next floor.

A large skeleton stood on the landing. Petrus summoned a celestial riding dog while Olaf and the others told him and Gabby to go on, that they’d handle the evil being. Gabby and Petrus climbed a second set of stairs and discovered a red haired woman standing before a score of undead. Karissa was chained as a prisoner on one side of the room and a bone altar to Nocturne stood on the other side of the room; the altar contained a large red crystal of some type that pulsated with energy.
Lady of the undead1
After some initial words with the woman about letting Karissa go, which was declined, the woman sent the undead towards Petrus and Gabby. Petrus created an extradimensional pit under the altar, causing it to fall 20 feet where it landed with a crash. The entire castle shook and the woman screamed out in fury.

Gabby took the opportunity to spring through the undead and attack the woman. Much to his and Petrus’ surprise, she turned out to be a vampire. Gabby hit her, stunning her, while the shaking of the building knocked her down. Karissa managed to wrest control of several of the undead from the vampire and forced them to attack the undead that were still under the vampire’s control.

Petrus created a flaming fireball on top of the vampire, burning her. Unfortunately after several back and forth attacks, the vampire had sustained no real damage; she was healing nearly as fast as she was able to be damaged. Gabby managed to allow himself to get bit by the vampire, as she drew his life blood and life force from him.

As the extradimensional pit’s spell time ended, the altar reappeared a broken shamble of bone with the gem still intact and Petrus hit it with a bolt of acid, melting it. Immediately the vampire turned to gaseous form and fled while the castle and all of the undead disintegrated into a fine mist. The last thing Gabby or Petrus remembered before the castle fell down around them was the large booming voice of laughter.

When Petrus, Gabby, and Karissa awoke, they were laying in the field where the castle once stood. Tor himself was there and thanked them for allowing his return to his own realm. After raising all of the fallen heroes and creating a feast for them to partake, the god gave them special places of honor at his own table. Sensing that this was the appropriate time to offer a gift, Petrus presented the Ustalavian bottle of endless vodka to the god, who gladly accepted it.

The feasting and drinking went on all night, though there was no ill effect. Eventually they all went to sleep only to rise the next morning just before the day’s battle. Olaf met with Gabby and Petrus. As a way of saying thanks, Olaf presented Gabby with a belt of giant’s strength and to Petrus he gave a torque of fortitude. Bidding them farewell the warrior joined his comrades on the field of battle.

Tor offered a boon to the two adventurers. Gabby declined, but Petrus requested something be added to his cloak to help him survive longer in battles. The god bestowed upon his cloak protection from law. Afterward he called to the Valkyries to take Petrus, Gabby and Karissa back to Hollyburg. The Valkyries returned them to the observation deck of Osprak’s castle, where the king himself was standing.

After explaining to Osprak what had happened, the three apprentices returned to the mainland. Petrus bought black roses and sent them to Karissa as a seemingly romantic gesture. The following day she met him and said she’d make sure that he knew some about necromancy, as that knowledge would be needed in the war with the Witch King.

Petrus and Gabby were given 3000 gold pieces for their role in aiding the kingdom.


Thanks for the awesome write up! I’ve just added in the pictures I used and some links to characters.

Villians in Valhalla

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