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Pardon, Prison, or Perish?

Friday, Oct 7, 2011 PM Skype Session

Petrus and Alsa were called in by Galen while Hugo was still suffering with his hangover from drinking with Yiri. Galen questioned the two about their knowledge of Mivonian legal codes, especially that concerning treason. After it was apparent that neither were too well versed in the intricacies of legal code, Galen told them that typically death was the sentence for being found guilty of treason, though more creative punishments could be assigned.

Galen told the two young apprentices that they needed to determine Karissa Cornelia’s fate for the act of treason she committed; additionally, they were told that they were to carry out the sentence if they were able and if not the Council of Wizards would help. Galen said that it would probably be good for them to see Sarak, a priest of Isis, who was the keeper of legal records. Galen gave the two a candle of truth and sent them on their way.

Upon visiting Sarak, Petrus and Alsa were told that wizards in Mivon were not subject to laws as common citizens were. While abuses were rarely tolerated, occasionally they occurred, but wizards always policed themselves and peers were judge and juries. The crime of treason often carried the sentence of death, but banishment was also a possibility, and in rare circumstances a pardon was offered to the offender.

Petrus spoke with Alsa and told him they needed to determine the reason for Karissa’s actions before determining the sentence. They both went to Karissa’s and were turned away at the door by her man servant, who said she wasn’t at home. The two asked to see Molly, Karissa’s maid, bluffing that they had a message from Hugo.

Molly came to the door and a message was fabricated that he wanted to see the maid later in the evening. During the conversation Molly let on that Karissa was indeed at home presently; she was abruptly hushed by the man servant and had to return in to the house. Before returning inside, she agreed to meet Hugo at 8pm that night. Petrus and Alsa then sought out Hugo and relayed the date they’d set him up on for later in the evening.

After the appointed time when Hugo and Molly were supposed to be on their date, Alsa and Petrus returned to Karissa’s house and banged on the door until the man servant opened the door. Just as he opened it, Petrus hit him with a color spray spell, knocking him unconscious long enough for the two to tie him up and gag him. The drug the man servant back to his room and put him back on his bed.

As they returned to the central hall, Karissa hailed them from the top of the stairs. She was armed with a wand and a staff. She demanded to know why they’d broken into her house and that they leave. Petrus said that they just wanted to talk when she attacked. Petrus just managed to raise a shield spell before the magic missiles she shot from her wand hit him. Alsa attacked Karissa with a spell of his own and Petrus hit her area with a grease spell, causing her to fall and drop her wand and staff. Just as she regained her feet, Alsa used the curtains to entangle her.

With Karissa disarmed and disabled, the two apprentices finally convinced her to talk. Taking her to her study, they lit the candle of truth and began their questioning of the girl. She wasn’t convinced they had any evidence to implicate her for treason, but Petrus noted that they had stationery from her home in her handwriting with details about Mivon’s defenses and even if they didn’t have it, Yiri implicated her as a Mivonian spy.

When asked why she did it, she said she was being blackmailed. Yiri knew of her family’s history and that its blood was tainted with the blood of a vampire, Vladic, an Ustalavian vampire. To try to save her family from being expelled from Mivon, she agreed to help Yiri get the information he desired. She didn’t check with her family and was acting alone, trying to prevent what she assumed would be the worst case if the information came to light.

Despite the family rivalries between Petrus’s family and the Cornelius family, Petrus promised that the information they’d learned would not be shared with anyone else. Unfortunately, however, since Karissa had voluntarily revealed state secrets to an enemy she’d have to be sentenced.

Alsa and Petrus took Karissa back to Galen’s study. When Galen asked what the sentence was, the two apprentices left Karissa with him to discuss what the exact sentence should be. Petrus suggested being banished to the plane of Elysium and said that it might give Karissa more faith in people than to assume that they would run an entire family out of town just because of things beyond their control. He suggested sending her there without her spell book or any other magical items. He said it would be a real punishment for her as well, with her vampiric heritage and a lack of ability to work on necromancy, her school of specialization. Alsa agreed that it was probably an appropriate punishment.

The two apprentices returned to Galen’s room and found Karissa encased in some type of energy field. They told Galen that they felt a banishment to the plane of Elysium would be an appropriate punishment for Karissa’s actions. They said that since her family wasn’t involved in the treasonous acts, no consequence should come to them, either in the form of loss of property or in loss of reputation for having a family member that was caught in the act of treason. For this reason, they suggested that she write her family a letter saying she was going away to study on a research project; additionally, the man servant would need to have the last twelve hours of his memory erased so that he wouldn’t be able to tell anyone anything differently from the official story.

Galen requested to know why they thought this punishment was appropriate, but neither Petrus or Alsa would reveal the information Karissa had told them about her vampiric heritage. They merely said that due to her family’s history that it was an appropriate punishment. Galen asked if the two wanted to be present for the sentencing, to which each said they did. He then told them to meet him the next morning at the portal to Osprak’s tower.

At the appointed time Alsa and Petrus arrived at the portal to Osprak’s tower and Galen spoke the ritual to open the portal and they went through to arrive several hundred feet above the city of Hollyburg. It was both of the apprentices first time to visit the floating tower and they were a bit in awe of what they saw.

After a few words to Karissa from Petrus, the sentence was carried out and the young necromancer stepped from the material plane to the plane of Elysium. Afterward, Galen revealed that he knew about the family’s vampiric heritage. Petrus thought that he’d been trying to test them during his previous night’s discussion with them regarding the sentencing, but he’d apparently learned it afterward during a private interview with Karissa.

The two apprentices and Galen returned to the city and Galen rewarded each of them with new materials and magic items of their choice up to 1000 GP.


Great write up, mate! Thanks for posting it.


Pardon, Prison, or Perish?

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