Wizards of Mivon

Of Dwarves and Wolves

Shortly after the wizards council Brandon retired to the pub the Red Dragon (the Drunken Unicorn being a student pub) along with a few of his friends, the Dwarven Cleric Hagrad and another dwarf the wizard Corren Forgeson, an old friend of Brandon’s uncle Daniel.

The three discussed much about the events of the wizards council, somewhat upset that Mivon would continue to be neutral in the war, pointing out that the witch king made his intent to invade Mivon known, when he actually invaded Mivon (and promptly had that warband blown to pieces, incinerated and beaten down by Brandon, Hagrad and Petroclas), still they were happy that some progress has been made, being allowed to begin trade was a step in the right direction.
After some half drunken rambling more discussions came up, like who exactly is the Witch King, those who know aren’t being forth coming with the details, also that because they were in Mivon they didn’t exactly know much of the real goings on at the battefronts, so Hagrad and Brandon came up with the idea of why not go and find out, but who to go see? Well the dwarves were a sensible lot that had been fighting since the beginning, clearly they would know the most. As the evening tied to a close the three bid each other good night and Brandon and Hagrad went off to go make travelling plans.

After doing a bit of research on deciding exactly which dwarves to visit Brandon found out from a fellow clansman and cousin of his, Manson Sabriel that the clan had recently received a request from the dwarven city, (aptly named) Low City, apparently there had been issues involving a werewolf infestation and the clans aid as monster hunters was being requested, also Manson would quite appreciate further support in this as werewolves are a dangerous foe, Hagrad also approved of the idea as he could visit some of his family who lived in Low City as well as perform some church business. With a location now in mind, Brandon visited Mesta and got her to join the trip as well as visited Professor Goldenbrow for a official trading writ that would allow Brandon to form a trade agreement with the dwarves of Low City, which she was happy to provide, apparently she had friends in that city and clearly approved of opening trade with the dwarves. Lastly Brandon brought Charles along to carry the groups gear and provide suitable heavy support if it was needed.

Together the group included Brandon, Hagrad, Mesta, Manson and Charles set off that morning, the dwarves had sensibly removed most nearby teleportation circles near their cities but one about 3 days travel from low city still remained operational, the journey proceeded went smoothly though the group did on the second day spot a large group of horsemen in the distance numbering perhaps three hundred, Hagrad guessed they were probably elves and fortunately were not heading their direction, on the third day Hagrad believed the group was being followed, thinking it was one of the local dwarven rangers he tried to call him out to no success. As the group passed through a forested area they were suddenly ambushed by a Massive dire bear as it tore its way out of the foliage, large vicious claws battered at Hagrad but the dwarf stood firm and true to his kindly nature attempted to mystically influence the bear to leave the group alone, quick to respond however Charles battered the bear with his oversized club, angering it, quickly Mesta followed up and gave the dire bear and solid wack on the nose with her quarter staff, startling the bear out of its rage and succeeding in scaring the bear off as Hagrad’s charm took effect, the group allowed the dire bear to run off, not really having anything against the beast, shortly after the fight the group found one of the dwarven rangers waiting on a fallen tree for him, the dwarf questioned them about their business and was quickly put at ease by Hagrad, also he was happy to see that Clan Sabriel had responded to the cities request and he allowed the group to pass, he briefly questioned why they had a Large undead ogre with them but seemed to accept Brandon’s reasons that the ogre was his and had been brought to do the heavy lifting.

Upon reaching the city the group were lead to the Halls of Chieftains, Brandon marvelled at the wonderful dwarven works however Naturally Hagrad was not to impressed having grown bored of such things long ago, they were all greeted warmly by Chieftain Kamarthan, after some simple chit chat Brandon asked several questions on the matter of the werewolf situation, Kamarthan was happy to answer and provided his Nephew Dawnar to act accompany the group and act as a guide, given free reign the group proceeded to make preparations and that night feasted in the hall of chieftains, Chieftain Kamarthan promised that they would be generously rewarded should they be successful in helping his people.

The next day Brandon and Manson collected blood and flesh samples from a slain werewolf that had been brought to the city and the group set out to the village of Stone face, half a days journey from Low City, they were now accompanied by Dawnar and six dwarven warriors, most of the journey was spent discussing strategies on how to deal with the werewolves, since the infection started many had been killed and several were simply missing, presumed infected, however the group disliked the idea of actually killing the werewolves as they were dwarven people that had been infected most likely against their will, fortunately the dwarves were armed with a large amount of silver items and Hagrad believed he might be able to cure the infected if Isis was willing.

Upon arriving they found a village gripped by fear, Hagrad went to investigate possible leads as well as question the villages chief on the recent goings on, Manson was sent to go talk to relatives of those that had gone missing, Dawnar and his guards were to reassure the villages people while Brandon and Mesta using the werewolf samples previously taken worked on creating a detection item, that evening Hagrad returned with news that it was believed that there were some werewolves within the village walls, with his prototype detector now completed Brandon walked the length of the village attempted to locate any possible infected, finding two possible locations Brandon decided to err on the side of caution since he couldn’t be sure that his detector was working correctly, instead of just kicking down the door of the first house the group gathered and surrounded the building cutting off any avenues of escape, Hagrad was sent to knock on the door of the house and talk his way in, a rather unkempt dwarf opened the door and was initially quite against allowing the priest to enter and talk about the wisdom of Isis but was somehow persuaded against his better judgement, upon entering Hagrad chatted and signalled for Dawnar and his warriors to come in and arrest the residents under suspicion of being werewolves, two of the houses resident were shocked but the unkempt dwarf that originally answered the door was greatly angered, before he could transform Brandon was able to cast hold person stopping a potential fight from happening, the unkempt dwarf was quickly subdued and chained in silver manacles and carried away, Brandon taking note that his prototype no longer detected the presence of a werewolf concluded the item was working correctly and allowed the other to residents to remain, as this tactic worked successfully a similar attempt was made on the other house Brandon had identified, much to the same success.

With two werewolves captured, Brandon took blood samples from each of them to use in refining his detector and increases its range, the village people seemed greatly relieved when Brandon announced that all werewolves within the walls had been captured, over the next two days, Brandon successfully improved his item and Hagrad praying fervently for the Goddesses mercy for the two werewolves was successful in his attempts at curing them, this greatly cheered the locals.
Questioning the two who were now cured and clear headed the group were able to identify the location where they believed they were initially infected, giving a good place to start searching for the werewolves that still roamed the wilderness.

The next day the full group set out to capture the remaining werewolves, now accompanied by an additional dwarven ranger who knew the local area better than anyone else they made good time and it wasn’t long while exploring the nearby forest that Brandon’s detector grew warm, pre warning of a potential ambush, 6 werewolves quickly surrounded the group as the warriors took defensive position around the spell casters, under strict orders to capture not kill, Hagrad tried to reason with the werewolves…unsuccessfully and they charged howling, however the well trained dwarven warriors stood firm alongside Dawnar. Manson and Brandon’s magic quickly rendered some of the werewolves utterly helpless and the warriors managed to beat unconscious a couple more, when the werewolves attempted to turn tail a further spell stopped ones escaped by still one werewolves managed to flee, something Brandon thought was a good thing as the escapees trail could potentially lead them to the rest of the infected and most importantly their alpha or the source of the initial infection, but first the defeated werewolves were chained and brought back to the village, Brandon once again took further blood samples to improve his detector, the next morning a much smaller group left the village, Charles and Dawnar’s guards were left behind to guard the prisoners, Brandon suggested a smaller group would move swifter and they needed to cover as much ground as possible that day to find the nest and hopefully the alpha.

The skilled ranger quickly discovered the tracks of the escapee and Brandon’s detector gave them fair warning when they were closing in giving the group time to prepare on their assault, The ranger reported several werewolves in the nearby cave and had spotted the alpha, the group decided on a quick rush on the cave to prevent escapees and Manson suggested he could web the cave stopping the group from being overwhelmed, true to form the web actually worked…two of the werewolves found themselves thoroughly stuck but the others clawed their way through and the alpha broke free barely even noticing the spell, the combat was brutal, the ranger was critically injured by the werewolves counter charge and Dawnar engaged the alpha one on one, Brandon and Manson had trouble when two of the werewolves manage to reach them however magic won the day, one of the werewolves was killed and Brandon killed the alpha with a powerful scorching ray that burned a hole right through him, the other werewolves still stuck in the web were quickly subdued, fortunately Hagrad was able to save the injured ranger and with their prisoners the group returned victoriously to the village.

Using the alphas blood Brandon completed his detector and gifted the item to Dawnar as a souvenir, over the next week Hagrad successfully cured all the captured werewolves and insured those injured in the fighting against them were not infected.

Heads held high the group returned to Low City and Chieftain Kamarthan was overjoyed to hear that the problem had been dealt with, especially since his people had been saved rather than killed, true to his word the chieftain offered a reward, suggesting gold and jewels, however Hagrad and Brandon had other ideas, Hagrad said he would be happy to accept a donation to his temple but also wished Low City’s shrine to Isis be improved, to this Kamarthan agreed if reluctantly, Brandon desired several things, he wished to borrow one of the dwarven master smiths to improve his forge back in Mivon, he also desired to make a trade agreement with the dwarves of low city, helping supply them in their war efforts against the witch king in exchange for reasonable payment and lastly Brandon spoke of an item he was planning to make wondering if the dwarves had any adamantine he could have, the chieftain happily agreed to all of this.

Wishing to return to Mivon Hagrad and Manson left, Mesta remained for a further month to oversee the shrine of Isis’s improvements which the chieftain true to his word carried out, Brandon was invited also to stay for a further month and work alongside the dwarven war smiths, making a reasonable amount of money for his services, to Brandon’s surprise the dwarves didn’t supply him the adamantine he wanted, instead they actually set their master smiths to craft the blade for him.

Of the news of the war, it was not good, apparently the witch king was still on the offense and had been gaining the upper hand in recent battles, however now with additional support from the set trade agreement at the very least the dwarves of Low City and their warriors in the field could be better equipped and potentially given a upper hand in the fighting.


Nice write up – thanks! I have a feeling we may return to Low City in the Future…

I’ve edited the write up slightly and added a couple of links.

Of Dwarves and Wolves

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