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Friday, Nov 18, 2011 PM Skype Session

In April Petrus, Romero (a paladin), Hugo, and Gabby (a monk) were all called to Galen’s study. Upon arriving there, they find King Osprak, much to their surprise, who tells them that Galen and Hedron, his bladesworn, are away on business of the kingdom. It had something to do with Janus, the blood magic wizard who had stolen the staff of the Ivoness line.

Petrus was invited to recount the tale and what he knew of Janus. Afterward, Osprak said that he’d thrown Janus out of Osprak’s wizards around 50 years prior.

Osprak told the group that the staff that was stolen was forged in part by a blue dragon named Reganell. Petrus was instructed to speak with the dragon and to try to discover as much as he could about the staff’s power.

Before going, the four adventurers requested to do additional study on a range of topics they thought they’d need. Osprak allowed them passage to the wizard’s library, a library hidden in an extra-dimensional space.

After gaining some information on blue dragons and the history of the staff and on the practices of blood magic, the group returned to Hollyburg to be teleported to a stone circle near the are the dragon lived in the deserts to the far north.

Upon arriving at the desert the four encountered a giant scorpion and after a bit of effort killed the beast. Petrus took a bit of time to harvest the stinger’s poison and its eyes and heart for magical reagents.

Gradually making their way to the most likely location the group saw what appeared to be a caravan camp site; they chose to avoid it so they wouldn’t have to deal with any additional problems or distractions. A few hours later they discovered the entrance to the dragon’s lair held open by magic and entered it.

Sleeping in the entry of the cave, blocking the path, was a dragon born, a humanoid creature of dragon descent. Deciding it’d be better to wake him up directly than to accidentally wake him by trying to sneak over him, they woke up the dragon born.

The dragon born’s name was Drad and he was the gatekeeper for Reganell’s lair. After speaking with Drad for several minutes, the group was taken and presented to Reganell in the dragon’s horde room. Upon entering, Hugo presented the dragon with sapphires brought specifically for the occasion.

After a long discussion about the current state of the world and a bit of recent history, the group finally found out that the staff only worked for the line of Ivoness. The purpose of the staff was to draw additional magical energies to the owner of the staff and to bring him good fortune as a leader and to bring the realm he ruled good fortune.

After gaining the information the four adventures made their way back to the stone circle and Petrus returned them to Hollyburg. The group recounted to Osprak what Reganell had told them about the Ivoness line and the staff. The speculation was that Janus had perhaps found an heir of Ivoness and might be trying to make a move on the kingdom of Mivon; of course it was merely speculation until hard facts could be shown.

Osprak gave each of the young adventures 3000 gold pieces for additional equipment and spells.



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